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Plan for New York City Travels? Packing List & Travel Tips for NYC

Aug 18, 2019 | Interesting Reads

Is New York City travel sighted anywhere in the near future? Then visit the iconic Statue of Liberty, witnessing the finest work of art at MET and enjoying the city skyline from Brooklyn Bridge will surely top your travel plans. But, before you even start shortlisting your favorite locations and get into the touristy vibes, give a quick thought on the packing list for your NYC visit. And if you are wondering whom to take help from, then you are on the right page.

Packing can be an intimidating task for one and all. Especially when it comes to exploring absolutely new wonderland. A haphazard packing can ruin even a perfectly planned travel itinerary. And since New York City travel is on top of the bucket list of most travelers, take these tips from locals to make an ultimate NYC packing list for a hassle-free experience. 

How to pack your items smartly

New York is all about walking through bustling subways and stations. Grand Central, Penn Station, Port Authority are just a few to name. So dumping everything in your bag just because you might need it at some time will only impair your navigation through busy lanes. 

So make a fair list and cut it down to a bare minimum to grade it as smart packing. Having one big suitcase is a spoiler alert than to have a few small packing sources like purses, handbags, backpacks, etc. Here is how and why:

  1. Segregate your items distinctly in small pouches so that when you need something, you don’t end up digging the whole suitcase.
  2. Use small backpacks or handbags to replace dragging the single bulkier piece of baggage every time you step out to explore. 
  3. Utilize the option of leaving some items like suitcases behind and put all essential in a backpack for small stint outside. 

What Clothes to pack during the trip to New York

Let’s face the big question on what to wear in New York City? 

Well, only the weather of NYC can decide that because this one here is very moody! For summers the men appropriate attire would be a pair of sneakers with cotton shirts/ t-shirts and shorts. And for women, cotton flowy dresses or comfortable t-shirts with your favorite pair of shorts or jumpsuits work well to go with your Instagram theme. Don’t forget to add the sunglasses and a hat to save you from too much sun.

Check out the most instagrammable places in NYC here.

However, winters are extremely chilly and you demand heavy packing with thick jackets, gloves, and boots to cover as much. Capes and shawls are great coverups for women to keep up the winter glam. Not to miss accessories are muffler, caps, and earplugs as the cold winds can hit you in any way.

What Not to Bring to New York

With all the to-dos, let’s now see the other side of the coin. Among the top of things not to bring long to NYC are heavy load items like books which would weigh and slow you down amidst the din and rush of this fast-paced metropolis. A kindle would do just fine to catch up on our reading list. Choose your walking shoes wisely and dump the rest of your shoe collection home, as the best way to explore this city is by foot. Additionally, segregate your seasonal clothes properly as an overcoat in summers in nothing but an added burden. Towels and unnecessary valuables are a permanent fixture in not to carry list anywhere including NYC packing list. To sum it up, traveling light is might in making the most of New York travel plan. 

Some bonus travel tips for your NYC plans

Talk to experts – 

Thanks to all the forums, getting hands-on information for any location is easier. Just assemble your apprehensions and you will have experience advice in no time. 

Utilize luggage storage – 

With long walkways and the zest to explore more, heavy bags can be a big deal-breaker. So utilize luggage storage spaces in NYC and store your bags on an hourly or daily basis so that you can walk hands-free. Vertoe helps to provide instant storage spaces with quick online bookings and insurance coverage of $5000 for the added security on your baggage. 

Even if you cant pack light, worry not. Vertoe is available near major tourist and transit spots at NYC Brooklyn Bridge, Penn Station, Central park to share your load. So instead of wasting time in juggling with your bag, park them with expert hands and travel like a free bird in NYC.

And there you have it. All the quintessential for your NYC travel. With these New York traveling tips, you can very well conquer your traveling into this magnificent city. Do let us know in the comment below, which tip you think is most helpful.

Swati Sharma

Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers 300+ secure locations to store personal items citywide across 20 major cities in the US. Whether you are looking for short-term locker rentals alternatives, daily space or even hourly storage space, Vertoe services are a quantum leap from conventional luggage storage. With rates starting at a minimum of $5.95 per day coupled with the best in industry insurance of $5000, you can secure your bags affordably with a peace of mind. Vertoe’s unique and digitally coded tempered proof seal makes it a safer and convenient alternative to any conventional locker storage.

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