Perfect tips to find safe and verified luggage storage places in NYC

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If you are planning to visit NYC during a weekend or your holidays, you are sure to be very excited. Your itinerary may involve a lot of walking around or exploring the city on the go. While you may have a lot of things to do, you may be thinking about how to safely store your luggage while you are roaming around NYC. Well, this is very valid thinking. You may have to store your luggage at safe locations when you have to visit a few places in NYC. It is definitely not fun lugging your baggage when you want to be involved with the wonders of the city. The best way to enjoy NYC is to peacefully look around without worrying about safeguarding your luggage. 

You can find many luggage storage places in NYC. However, it is a good idea to select a luggage storage place that is safe for your belongings. Choosing a verified luggage storage facility will solve your problem to a greater extent. This article provides you with the best tips to find safe and verified luggage storage locations in NYC. Read along to be prepared and choose the perfect place to store your luggage. 

  1. Research about luggage storage options beforehand

When you are planning your itinerary to NYC, you will know the list of places you will visit. You will know if you can store your luggage at a hotel if you are staying in a place for more than a day. If you have planned to visit a place after checking out of your hotel, you may have to store your luggage in a safe storage place. It is better to be prepared than trying to find a reliable location when you are about to visit a new place. Having a list of popular storage providers in NYC can come in very handy for you. You can also make a note of different locations where luggage storage options are available from different companies. This way, you know what to expect when you have to store your luggage at a certain place. 

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2. Check for Insurance coverage 

When you are researching different luggage storage options in NYC, you will find many names on Google. When you dive deep into each company, make sure you look at the insurance coverage for your belongings. This is one of the best ways to know that your luggage is going to be safe while you are away. In this case, Vertoe provides $5000 insurance coverage as a means of security for your belongings. In an unprecedented situation when your luggage is lost, you will be compensated with the insurance coverage. 

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3. Verify with the customer service team

One of the best ways to verify the luggage storage company is to contact the customer service team. You can have a call with them to enquire about the different luggage storage options available in NYC. You can also call them during the night times to understand their availability for your needs. The way they respond to your queries is a big indication that they are a dedicated team to support the customers. Also, you can be assured to get their assistance while you are in NYC. 

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4. Check for the cancellation terms

When you find safe luggage storage in NYC, lookout for a company with a free cancellation policy in place. That means all your luggage storage fees should be fully refunded upon your cancellation. Cancellation may occur due to various reasons including changes in your plans or last-minute unavailability of tickets in a few places. Getting a refund for the paid amount is also one of the ways to be able to trust the luggage storage company. 

5. Lookout for verification details of the storage location

When you are researching the luggage storage companies before your trip to NYC, ensure to look at their verification process. Every storage location should be verified by the company. You can find proof in the form of the presence of the company’s logo in the storage location. For example- Vertoe has a very strict verification process of their storage locations. Every location is manually visited by the team to ensure the place is safe for storage. Only after the verification and approval by the team can you see a particular luggage storage location on the Vertoe website. Vertoe also provides a tamper-proof tag to safeguard your luggage while you store at Vertoe bag storage locations in NYC. 

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6. Read the reviews

Reviews are the best way to understand the services of a luggage storage company. Google reviews reflect the experiences of other users who have already stored their luggage with a particular company. Reading the reviews can quickly prepare you to choose a luggage storage company sooner. For example, Vertoe has an overall 4.8-star rating from all the reviewers. By knowing the reviews beforehand, you can save a lot of time when you are in NYC. You can simply focus on storing your luggage at your preferred location and continue your exploration. 

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We have consolidated some of the tips to find safe and verified luggage storage locations in NYC. Any traveler needs to safeguard their luggage while traveling. While lugging the baggage is no fun, losing the luggage during the trip can spoil everything for you. Finding a verified luggage storage location can be a great relief to carry on with your travel plans in NYC. 

Vertoe is the leading short-term storage provider in the world with 1000+ locations in 65 cities globally. We help travelers who want to do luggage storage during their trip. Anyone can book a Vertoe storage location for just $5.95/day and safeguard their belongings with a tamper-proof tag. Every booking comes with insurance coverage of $5000.