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Been to New York? High chance you took a train via Penn Station or even if you haven’t been to New York, most likely you’ve heard of this iconic name. Pennsylvania or Penn Station for short is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan right below the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. It’s a short walk (~10 min. or less) from other iconic spots in New York City like the Empire State Building, Times Square, Herald Square & Macy’s.

According to Wikipedia, the station serves 1,200 trains a day and powers more than 600K commuters making it the busiest station in all of North America. Just to put it in perspective, that’s a staggering thousand commuters every ninety seconds! However, this may not be a surprise to most New Yorkers given its central location in the hustling and bustling area of midtown Manhattan. From long distance Amtrak or mid-distance trains like NJ Transit and Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), Penn is also one of the busiest Subway stations to get around the city. A maze of three underground levels that has two concourses full of food and shopping options, you’ll often see passengers and tourists running frantically to catch the train, trying to figure it all out. The station is crammed with talented Subway performers and musicians who pleasantly surprise you at every nook and corner with some extraordinary (mostly) free entertainment.

all the great services it provides, one thing Penn Station lacks is a great luggage storage facility. There is a decent Amtrak baggage storage service, however, it’s limited to ticketed passengers only. Given this, a lot of tourists are left stranded with large bags. This especially hurts if you have a significant wait time for the train and were hoping to take a walk outside to explore midtown Manhattan. That’s where Vertoe comes to the rescue. We have multiple Vertoe Locations within 5 min. walk of Penn Station. All a person has to do, is to go online and book one of the locations while navigating a neat, intuitive interface. Once booked, you can drop your bags at the booked Vertoe Location and enjoy the city hands free. It’s really as easy as it sounds, give it a try!