Guide To Plan Perfect Vacation Trip of most visiting places around NYC

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New York City can be one of the most exciting cities to visit on a vacation. The city has so many things to offer for a tourist. The vibe of the city is so infectious that exploring the entire city feels like a dream come true moment for you. The history, the landmarks, the monuments, the lanes, everything has a story to narrate. Spending vacation time in NYC can be really awesome. You can visit the famous landmarks, enjoy the sight of tall skyscrapers, relish the local food, interact with the Newyorkers, shop at the places, and appreciate the beauty of the city. You will cherish every moment spent here and the memories of your vacation stay fresh forever in your mind. 

 We have a guide to help you plan the perfect vacation to NYC to the most popular places. You can go through our list and decide for yourself what is most suitable for your vacation. Along with knowing the best places to visit in NYC, you will also know the best luggage storage NYC options. Luggage storage New York can help you in storing your luggage before you head out to explore NYC. 



Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

 Our topmost recommendation when you are on a vacation in NYC is to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic landmark in NYC. This is a connection between Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. When you stand on the bridge, you will feel the pride of being in NYC like never before. You can easily walk on it and reach Lower Manhattan. We recommend that you walk from the Brooklyn side to the Lower Manhattan side, you will get a glimpse of the skyscrapers. The best time to be on the iconic structure is during the early mornings. You can take a slow walk or consider jogging quietly on the bridge. The views of sunrise and calming East River below can charge up your mind for the day. 

 When you visit here during the early morning hours or the evening, you can interact with many other tourists. You can also get a chance to talk to a few of the local citizens on the bridge. When you are done walking and interacting with people on the bridge, you can visit the park below the bridge to relax. You can enjoy the stunning views of the bridge and click photographs to your heart’s content. 

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 Spend Amazing Time in Times Square

 Times Square is one of the World’s most popular tourist destinations. It is estimated that around 50 million people visit the place every year. Times Square is always bustling with people. You will get the flavor of NYC in its truest form here. The entire area is lit up during the evenings and looks like a festival environment. Just walking around the area can be very uplifting. The best way to spend time here is to take a guided tour. You can wear your earphones, listen to the guided tour and walk around Times Square. You will enjoy listening to the history and significance of the place. Your eyes cannot stop staring at the large billboards and advertisements that are on display during your walking tour. 

Another amazing thing you can do here is to watch a Broadway show. You will know what shows are running in which Broadway theatre. Broadway shows are unique to Manhattan and you will enjoy every bit of it. It is a great sense of pride to watch a Broadway show in the Times Square region. You can in fact book a ticket on really good discounts too. You can visit  TKTS to inquire about the availability of tickets from the Broadway shows. 

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Observe NYC from the One World Trade Center Observatory

 If you are on a vacation to NYC, you must visit the One World Observatory without fail. This is the tallest building in the entire Western hemisphere today. The structure is built on the site of the former Twin Towers. If you fall in love with the spectacular views of the city from the tallest building, the One World observatory will not disappoint you in any way. The observatory is on the 100th-102nd floor. You can reach the observatory within about 47 seconds. The elevator is real quick and takes you to the 100th floor within the blink of your eye. While you are on the elevator, the door displays pictures of NYC from the historic days. As you begin to enjoy the pictures of NYC, the elevator door opens and you are already at the observatory. 


The huge and wide glass panes allow you to see the NYC skyline from the top of the Western hemisphere. You can enjoy the views of the stunning NYC by spotting the popular landmarks from top of the tallest building. This is going to be another proud moment for you to see the unwavering spirit of the Americans from the One World Observatory. Remember to click as many pictures as you want from here. This experience is one of its kind in your lifetime. 

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 Visit the Central Park

 Central Park is almost synonymous with NYC. It is the much-needed green lung space for New Yorkers. It is a place that is loved by the walking, cycling, and jogging enthusiasts in the city. It is also a place where children love to do picnics during the weekends with their parents. Central is not just a stretch of green space. There are many things inside the park which one can enjoy. There is the Central Park zoo which is at the Southeast corner of Central Park. There is Shakespeare in the park which is an open amphitheater where interesting plays are performed.

 Central Park can also find Belvedere Castle, natural stone arches, and many more interesting things. You can also simply take a walk next to the reservoir or stretch your legs in the vast spread of lawns inside the park. Central Park is a must-visit during your vacation to NYC. 

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 Explore the Famous Wall Street

 If you have loved the movie, “Wolves of the Wall Street”, you would probably want to visit Wall Street. Wall Street is really famous around the world for the multi-million dollar transactions that happen every day. You will be amazed to see the crowd on the street. If you want to know more about the history of Wall Street, you can go for a guided tour as well. You must visit the Charging Bull and say hello to him. He symbolizes the strength of Americans who stood the test of time during the 1987 stock market crash. Remember to take a selfie before the Charging Bull and get inspired by his immense power. You can also visit the “Fearless Girl” which represents women’s power and gender equality. 

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 Shop like never before

 When you are in NYC, you have to make it a point to go shopping. You have the World’s best shopping avenues which provide you the best shopping experience. NYC is popular for window shopping as well. Visit Fifth Avenue and witness the rows of top fashion brands of the USA. The elite Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani, Gucci are all before your eyes on the same avenue. Buy a bag or a most awesome dress from your favorite brands. Or just walk on the street to know what’s trending in fashion today. SoHo is another place where you can shop and enjoy your day. You will find things that suit your budget and preferences. 

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 New York City has a lot more to offer than what is listed above. You can do a lot of things in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and all through the city. You can cruise on the Hudson River, visit several interesting parks, historic places, restaurants, and experience the life of NYC. If you ever need help with your bag storage or luggage storage in New York City, will help you at every step of your vacation.

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