Sep 25, 2019 | Interesting Reads

Does the mere thought of traveling to New York City intimidate you? We understand what it takes for outside travelers to have a bite of the Big Apple. Whether unraveling through the maze of its attractions and hidden gems or plowing through its crowded subways and bustling townships, NYC can leave you in awe and make you spoilt for choice. But all thanks to the flawless transportation in the city, breezing through its landmarks is like a walk in the park. With this article, we bring you a thorough guide of the transport options in New York to make your travel easy and comfortable.

Why we need a transport service to explore NYC

New York has five densely populated boroughs and covering the entire place on foot is practically impossible. And that is why you will need a transport service. Apart from all the practical suggestions, New York travel becomes quite expensive if one chooses cabs and taxis as the main mode of transport. So local transport really helps in budget travel with equal convenience while covering every inch of the city.

Start your journey at NYC by parking your luggage at bay

New York City is loaded with to-dos. From watching a Broadway show to relaxing at Central Park to clicking your best shot at Times Square, there are so many ways to cherish the experience of NYC. So when the plate is already full and the itinerary looks burdened, shed the extra load of luggage and make the most of your New York visit. Meet Vertoe, your one-stop destination to leave bags anywhere and anytime in NYC. Either traveling through subways or hopping in the buses to meet your itinerary, Vertoe professional services allow you to book your nearest storage space online at a cost starting as low as $5.95 along with insurance coverage of $5000 on your items. 

How to travel around New York City

So read on, as this guide will not only talk about the transport options in New York but will also highlight convenient nearby Vertoe locations where you can leave your bags with ease.

What are the options available to choose from

The best part about hustling in NYC is having the options ready at hand. If you think one mode of transport doesn’t work for you then the options are aplenty. Let’s quickly take you through the means by which you can travel around the city without hassles.


How to travel around New York City

The yellow taxi with an illuminating light on top is the most visible transport source in NYC. Call out loud and you will have plenty stopped near you. These metered taxis start its fare at a cost of $3 which is good to cover the shorter distances in the city. 

Alternate to yellow taxi ride is taxi aggregator services like Uber and Lyft which can be booked with ease at few clicks on your phone. 


Metropolitan Transport Authority in New York is spread over multiple routes to help you reach places. Bus stops can be easily located and are present equidistant for the convenience of the commuters. Bus routes are available at the bus stops and are segregated between standard and express buses. The standard one costs around $2.75 and stops at all stoppages whereas express buses stop at limited stops and start at a fare of $6.50.

One of your main gateway for the interstate bus is the Port Authority Terminal where luggage storage is a must-have. There is nothing more convenient than dropping your bags near transit location to be able to pick and drop luggage from where you might be heading to the next destination. Vertoe Luggage storage near Port Authority Bus Terminal is quite a bliss.


Not a traffic person? No worries as Subway is at your rescue. As the most preferred public transport option, Subway makes it the busiest of all. With vast presence and 24 hours availability, Subway is great to commute on both long and short distances in NYC. How can you do that? Well, just grab a map and look out for your route. Arrive at your nearest subway station and either buy a ticket to your destination or take a metro card to avoid queuing up each time you commute. That’s it. Enter the station, board your ride and reach your destination. 

Penn station makes for a quintessential destination when it comes to the NYC subway system. So if you are looking for that one location to leave your bags anywhere in NYC for ultimate comfort, then Penn Station luggage storage is your ask. Book a Vertoe location near Penn Station and your baggage worries would be a thing of the past. 


How to travel around New York City

For long-distance travel and exploring the outskirts, nothing serves better than the train system in New York. Be it Metro-North Railroad or Long Island Rail Road, eTix is your best source of getting the tickets and heading out of NYC with comfort.

Grand Central is the main commuter rail terminal in Midtown Manhattan which is also a tourist destination in itself. Being centrally located, luggage storage near Grand Central is a boon. Vertoe has multiple locations near Grand Central Station with the luggage storage facility so that you can travel through the train without dragging heavy bags. 

Ferry Service

A fairly recent addition to the transport system is the NYC Ferry. NYC makes the best use of the water surrounding the city by running the boat ferries around its periphery. Ferry service is best suited to explore the Manhattan skyline. So if not for commuting, riding through the NYC ferry is worth experience in itself. 

In terms of a specific route, Staten Island Ferry is the best option for visiting the Statue of Liberty.


Our personal favorite to enjoy the vibe on the go is by riding the bicycle. The Citi Bike program allows you to pick and drop the bicycle from designated stands and take a ride around the city with ease. The pass can be bought for a daily, monthly or even yearly basis and is easily available on Citi Bike Mobile App.


Last but the most trusted source of transport is your own self. NYC is full of fun and frolic and a hidden gem is around the corner to be found. With parks, tourist attractions, museums and plenty of recreational activities around, stopping yourself from exploring is a mean task. A true in other places, no journey is complete without a walk down the beaten path. So just grab the map or follow an app and make an experience and adventure of your own in NYC.